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Dope AF

Been supporting the helgason brothers for what feels like EONS, and all of the products they represent are top tier. These bindings are visually bitchin, and functionally gangster. Best bindings I’ve ever had, I bought 3 pairs this year. AWESOME 👏🏻

Damn Kozy

Right, so I bought it because I needed a new hoodie.. so why not one with a cool weird logo...

Turns out the Hoodie is way kozier than I had anticipated; the 2-way stretch thing is kinda magical. My lady put it on once and is now bugging me to get another one.

This is the future.


This board is perfect for rails feels very catch free and could handle the whole jump line I give it a 10/10! The flex is unique you can butter it when you want and still trust it to be stable on hard landings all in all great board

Awesome board !

I bought that board at first for the really nice design.
But this is also an awesome all mountain board, really smooth and playfull. Love it !


The Shifter is not just a snowboard, it is a hand crafted piece of art. When it arrives at your door and you un package it you almost don’t even want to ride her rather then just put it up on your wall and admire it❤️ Finally after a few weeks of having this beautiful beast I’m headed out to the mountain to ride her! Didn’t get the discounted price THATS going on this week which made me sad, but that’s ok because I ordered with the eiki pro bindings which saved me a couple bucks 😊 love the board love the bindings thank you Lobster Team I love you guys too

Excellent quality

Shirt is excellent quality. My son loves it.

It pops super well, I like the graphic a lot, it’s a sick park board, easy to lock on to features with.

An awesome whip for all around resort/park riding

Love it!!! Paired with the Halldor Pro bindings the Shifter performed as advertised and well beyond my expectations even without the full 3BT treatment....for this season it was my go to board for resort/park riding! I recommend this board for the price range, you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck!

Bangin park board

This stick cranks!!

I wanted a park focused ride compared to my 17/18 Lib Tech Skate Banana, definitely a huge upgrade! Im 140lbs, 6’, and ride a 151cm with Burton Freestyle bindings and Burton Invader boots.

3BT: this made learning camber super easy and forgiving, plenty of times I could feel the 3bt save me when I wouldve caught an edge on a totally flat board. Helps carves go super deep, and makes edge to edge riding very playful. The Jib variant still gives a lot of center surface area so you’re not going to slip off boxes/rails. Makes butters/nose rolls/spins feel very safe, less likely to wash out.

Board is crazy playful, I was easily getting into deep presses that were physically impossible with my old ride no problem. Butter tricks etc come super natural. Only con is can feel chattery at high speeds, if you’re going for big jumps (30ft+) I’d def recommend you get something stiffer and more stable.

Weight: Super lightweight, doesnt always feel stable, but super easy to lift up for flatground tricks, quick rotations, etc.

Base: Sintered base is super fast, albeit fragile. Already have some scuffs from rolling over twigs, pebbles but thats part of the game - keep it waxed and you’ll be alright.

Carbon: Horizontal strips underfoot do a ton to keep this board feeling aligned and stable, definitely noticeable, and a good design call to slightly stiffen it up torsionally.

Cost: very good board for the price, comparable to the Bataleon global warmer, but $100 cheaper with minor feature differences (and a way cooler graphic), no brainer to go Lobster on this one.

Overall this is a super fun, squirrelly, floaty board. If you’re looking to get creative in the park, this board will take you there 100%.

Good one but bad make...

Halldor Pro is à very very good board ! I love this one !! Thanks for à shape !
But she is to brittle... I have so many problem with glue... I now so many People with à same problème...
Please make your board in SWS !
Please Please Please !!
So many guys would like stop buy lobster because all board broke...
And thanks à lot for your perfect customer service !!
Enjoy !! 🏴‍☠️

So Good!


This board is absolutely PERFECT!!!!!! When you read through the reviews on this thing you'll see people saying their rail game has never been better and it's 100000% true. I've never been one for the pro-line but day one of riding this I was CRUSHING huge features I've never attempted before. I also did a backcountry day with it and it killed it. I'm not sure why people say this isn't all that great at speed though, even with the 3BT I was ripping groomers and it felt incredibly stable. If you want a board that's an end all, be all. This is it. Keep it Lobster. This shit is insane.

Best board ever


This board is crazy!!!

Great for butters and park.
The flex is amazing.
No complaints at all.

This board did not disappoint!

First time riding 3BT and it made quite a difference! Board is very solid and fun to use. Handles really well in the park and very fast when just enjoying the trail on a blue bird day.

Sweet shredder board

Rides like a champ, 100% would recommend to anyone!!

Great board

Unreal board. Got it out on the mountain last weekend and this thing flies! So much pop and such a fun board to ride! No terrain could stop this thing from rails, kickers, cord, and trees! Stoked on this board!

Killer board!!!

I love this board it’s got killer edge control and I a butter machine. It is way softer than advertised but it locks into rails so nicely.

Looks good, feels good

It's what it looks like, wind breaker material on top hoodie on the bottom. Rode with it a couple times in the spring, no complaints! Love the zipper pouch.

If your thinking of it, do it

Awesome board. Super fun to ride. I was nervous from some reviews of it being loose. But in my opinion its perfect. Has good edge hold. Super responsive and really fun for butters and side hits. Have not had a chance to run it through the park but im 100% sure it will be great. If your looking for a board you can take out any day and feel comfortable doing whatever, this is it. No regrets on the purchase. Just buy it and you will find out


All around splendid board! Easy to butter, great pop and does everything it needs on our smaller hills. I have always ridden stiffer boards but I'm having a blast with this one

Creamy Parkboard that floats in Powder!

I love the Stomper for cruising the park! For me it's the perfect mix between having enough support for Jumps but it also works flawless on Rails, Jibs and Boxes.
The Triple Base does it's job by beeing a great help at stomping tricks and buttering around like there is no tomorrow!
I even accidentally used it for pow one time and I was impressed by the great float it provides. Im sure this has to do with the 3D Shape.
I'm 190cm tall and the 158W is my weapon of choice as I use it only for park riding. If it would be my Board for every condition I would go for the bigger one.
Good Job Halldor and Eiki! Keep seeeending it!
Mucho Love!

Lobster Sender 159

This board is a ton of fun, carves great, doesn't chatter at high speeds, has tons of pop, and is great on jumps. It says it's a directional twin but I personally feel like it rides switch just as well as regular. The 3BT really helps combat the aggressive camber on the board so you get the best of both worlds. The board is pretty stiff which can take some getting used to but I found once you're into the press the profile of the board makes it very easy to stay locked in. If you're hitting park exclusively this probably isn't the Lobster board for you but for an all mountain board that's also great in the park this is the board.

Too much fun!

ended up sizing up alittle from my previous board which was the arbor draft and this lobster shifter is amazing. i don’t think i’ll ever go back to any other brand. it’s a really fun, poppy board, you feel good riding it. turned two of my buddies onto the brand after they rode mine. definitely recommend