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Eiki helgason snowboard 2020 2021 collection lobster snowboards
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Eiki Pro Snowboard

$300.97 $429.95

    The Lobster Eiki Pro is built for park riders who focus on jibbing and progression. The wide center base of the JIB 3BT paired with a soft flex and true twin outline make this one of the most capable jib boards on the market.


    Board Flex

    Soft / Playful

    Hard / Aggressive


    Outline Profile

    Fast, fun, and versatile. these boards are the best way to get down the mountain with effortless float, high speed stability and top end performance.

    3D Profile

    Triple Base Technology™ divides the nose and tail in 3 flat section with an increased sidelift from outside the inserts towards the tips. The 3BT™ advantages are increased by the SideKick™.

    Camber Profile
    Low Camber

    Our unique 3D shape allows us to put full tip-to-tail traditional camber this makes for a more poppy ride: ollies go bigger, edge-to-edge switching goes faster and the board is always loaded to absorb landings. Low Camber is jib friendly.



    A blend of poplar wood reinforced with two central hardwood stringers to enhance pop reinforce the camber and strengthen the insert area.

    Biax Laminate

    Our traditional and time tested two-way weave of fiberglass is light, strong and responsive keeping the board snappy without adding torsional stiffness.

    Hyper Glide Base

    Our standard sintered base that’s tough and fast, and faster when waxed.

    Flex Walls

    Urethane infused Flex Walls. The added urethane helps dampen vibrations.

    Carbon Layup

    This Carbon Layup configuration connects the toe- with the heel edge in the binding area. This creates a special board-dynamic that deliveres superiour control under your feet without sacrificing longtitudinal flex and keep the board nice and loose but still in control.



    SideKick™ increases the sidebase uplift at the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, enhances float in powder and improves board handling in rough terrain. It has to be ridden to be believed!


    Triple Base Technology™ is awesome. The lifted sidebase areas hug the terrain when you crank a turn or jam into a transition, and help you plough through the pow like a speedboat. You’re also way less likely to catch an edge if you sketch out on your landing.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Jonas Van Tiggelen
    Eiki Pro

    Sick board, with a super nice flex. Perfect for some jibbing and shredding!

    Kim Hasselberg
    Fun board

    Really fun board! Smooth and very fun! You Will not regret buying this board!

    Chris Weston
    Flexy feather

    This board is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition. Really recommend it to anyone looking to take that next step in the park. Great overall control, great pop and sooooo forgiving. Shout out Lobsters customer service team as well. Super helpful and always responded timely

    Anthon Malmstedt

    Bought the board mid-summer so haven't been able to ride it yet.

    Was looking for a more playfull board and it ticks all the boxes so far. Weighs next to nothing with crazy flex.
    Super stoked to finally get my hands on a Lobster, after longing for one for years.
    Have been riding 3BT before and it's awesome.

    Fast and safe delivery, no problems

    Jack Sullivan
    Bangin park board

    This stick cranks!!

    I wanted a park focused ride compared to my 17/18 Lib Tech Skate Banana, definitely a huge upgrade! Im 140lbs, 6’, and ride a 151cm with Burton Freestyle bindings and Burton Invader boots.

    3BT: this made learning camber super easy and forgiving, plenty of times I could feel the 3bt save me when I wouldve caught an edge on a totally flat board. Helps carves go super deep, and makes edge to edge riding very playful. The Jib variant still gives a lot of center surface area so you’re not going to slip off boxes/rails. Makes butters/nose rolls/spins feel very safe, less likely to wash out.

    Board is crazy playful, I was easily getting into deep presses that were physically impossible with my old ride no problem. Butter tricks etc come super natural. Only con is can feel chattery at high speeds, if you’re going for big jumps (30ft+) I’d def recommend you get something stiffer and more stable.

    Weight: Super lightweight, doesnt always feel stable, but super easy to lift up for flatground tricks, quick rotations, etc.

    Base: Sintered base is super fast, albeit fragile. Already have some scuffs from rolling over twigs, pebbles but thats part of the game - keep it waxed and you’ll be alright.

    Carbon: Horizontal strips underfoot do a ton to keep this board feeling aligned and stable, definitely noticeable, and a good design call to slightly stiffen it up torsionally.

    Cost: very good board for the price, comparable to the Bataleon global warmer, but $100 cheaper with minor feature differences (and a way cooler graphic), no brainer to go Lobster on this one.

    Overall this is a super fun, squirrelly, floaty board. If you’re looking to get creative in the park, this board will take you there 100%.