when you stand in your bindings
the camber is loaded
when you stand in your bindings
the nose and tail edges are lifted
when you stand in your bindings
the edges are lifted

With enough pressure to engage the whole edge (just 2-3 degrees), the contact edge has the same shape as a traditional camber board, but the pressure is equal along the whole edge and no torsional stresses are introduced.


With a tiny amount of pressure, the sidebases start to engage near the bindings, but the pressure remains constant along the contact edge.


When riding on a flat base, only the centerbase section is in the snow, so the board travels in a straight line.

Jib 3BT


JIB 3BT is perfect for jibbing and urban riding. JIB 3BT is completely symmetrical about the nose and tail to give a perfect true twin ride. It has the widest centerbase flat of all our 3BT flavors (and the narrowest sidebases). The extra centerbase width stabilizes your presses and butters. The sidebase 3BT uplift begins under your feet for a super loose and forgiving effect. JIB 3BT works with a very mellow, almost flat, camber to keep pressing easy but still give plenty of pop to your ollies.

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Park 3BT


PARK 3BT is great for all kinds of park riding – kickers and jibs. The centerbase section remains wide, and the camber close to being flat, to keep those presses legit, but the slightly wider sidebases make these boards more stable at high speeds – just what is needed for solid kicker riding. This combination of center and sidebase geometry makes PARK 3BT perfect for boards that need high speed stability without losing any jib capabilities. PARK 3BT is symmetrical on the nose and tail for a true twin that performs the same forwards and switch.

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Twin 3BT


TWIN 3BT is perfect for those who expect a perfect balance between performance on jumps and jibs. To achieve this, we combined a more noticeable tip-to-tail camber with a reasonably wide centerbase section (the centerbase is slightly wider than the sidebases). TWIN 3BT therefore retains a wide enough centerbase for presses and landings to stay effortless and solid, but now that is more equally balanced with the requirement for the sidebases to be wide enough and the flat base contact lengths long enough to result in a board that is stable on high speed run ins. This makes TWIN 3BT suitable for riding all kinds of parks and terrain.

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