Triple Base Technology is based on a three-dimensionally shaped nose and tail. Both are divided into three sections: a toeside base section, a center base section and a heelside base section. The base sections are slightly uplifted, similar to a skateboard’s concave.

The subtle uplift creates a dramatic effect in how the board rides. Turn initiation is easier and swifter. When fully laid into a turn the board’s entire effective edge forms a complete arc with the snow surface, providing unparalleled edge hold. The uplifted sidebases make the board forgiving so there is no chance of random edge catch. When pointed straight there is less edge drag, so the board accelerates faster and maintains speed.

The hull-like tips have inherent buoyancy and planing characteristics for maximum powder float. The tip shape further boosts pop since their concavity focuses and amplifies ollie pressure. With full tip-to-tail camber down the center, the design maintains all the performance and control traits of a traditional camber board like pop, power, and suspension. At the same time the angled sidebases generate the playfulness, forgiveness and reduced edge catch that rockered designs are praised for. The genius in 3BT is that it combines camber and rocker characteristics into a unique shape that really works.



When riding flat-based only the centerbase section is on the snow so the board travels fast and straight with no hooky movement or edge catch.


Turn Initiation

With a tiny amount of pressure and angle, the sidebases start to engage near the bindings, but the pressure remains constant along the contact edge.


On Edge

When on edge the 3D shaped sidecut forms a complete arc with the snow, offering unparalleled and powerful edge hold.


when you stand in your bindings
the camber is loaded
when you stand in your bindings the edges are lifted when you stand in your bindings the edges are lifted


Jib 3BT


Our Jib 3BT shapes are tuned with true twin shapes, soft flexes and the widest centerbase in the range for locked in presses, stable slides and powerful ollies. These boards feature the longest section of edge uplift amongst the line that starts around the bindings and extends outward, offering a loose, buttery, forgiving feel and less hang-ups.

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Jib board
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Park 3BT


We developed our Park 3BT to be playful yet stable with a wide centerbase, slight camber and true twin shape to perform in terrain parks around the globe. The edge uplift areas start mid-binding and extend towards the tips for a loose feel with less bite. The wide centerbase on the other hand helps with stability off lips, on landings, in presses and at high speeds.

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Park board

Freestyle 3BT


Our all mountain freestyle shapes are the most versatile boards in the line. Their twin-ish shapes, more aggressive camber profile, medium centerbase width, and longer contact length between the feet produce a powerful ride with freestyle tendencies and powder float.

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Freestyle board

Asym 3BT


Our Asymmetric 3BT shaping is a twist on our twin design that better balances your body’s build on the board with a shorter edge uplift area on the heelside, which offers better heelside stability. The toeside edge, where you have more control and leverage over the board, has a longer uplift section for a loose, playful feeling. The board shape remains completely twin; it’s only the uplift that is asymmetrical.

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